Our Philosophy

Straight talk, personal service.

The Sundberg Group philosophy is one of telling it like it is and going above and beyond. We actually talk clients out of buying more homes than into them.

Get in Touch

We aren’t afraid to be honest about the downside of any deal, and will give no nonsense advice to our clients to ensure they find the right house for them and are able to compete in a fast-paced market.

We go over and above, getting to know our clients as individuals and families, and spending the time upfront to truly understand their needs. We meet them where they are, at their level of understanding of buying and selling, but also meet them literally where they are, especially if that means on a trail or on the slopes.

After we find the perfect property, that means setting them up with contractor referrals, managing a renovation if desired, or sharing a beer and discussing the nuance of paint colors. We are here to make your life easier from the very first meeting.

No Fluff

The Boulder area market is constantly shifting, meaning there’s no time for fluff. The Sundberg Group Team tells it like it is. You can count on us to be a straightforward advocate for you and guide you toward success.

Factual Evidence

The Sundberg Group Team know the facts and will present them to you in a no-nonsense way. Armed with knowledge and experience in pricing trends, structural details and title issues, you can be sure that our advice isn’t just opinion. We lay out the facts so that you can make a decision that’s absent of emotion.

In Your Corner

With your best interests in mind, we’re free to talk you out of more homes than we talk you into. We negotiate hard but fairly, are able to have tough conversations, and take the guesswork out of the process. We’ve got you!

Accessible and Responsive

Our small, accessible team is there for you at any time, ensuring you won’t experience missed opportunities due to lack of communication or availability. Our team can be ready at a moment’s notice and will get it done for you!