Our Community Commitment

Our team believes deeply in the importance of giving back to our local and global community.

There has never been a time when supporting our neighbors has been more essential to our shared health and wellbeing than right now.

Supporting the community that supports us is a top priority for this company. It’s a core part of who we are. Beyond supporting 1% For the Planet and running our nonprofit, Good Hope Foundation, the Sundberg Group team is always looking for new ways to donate our time and money to great causes. We hope you can join us in these efforts.

Brian Sundberg - Owner

We also recognize that the cost of living in Boulder and Denver makes finding a home and starting a life here difficult for many families. We will do everything we can to advocate for new paths to affordable and secure housing in our areas of service, so Colorado can remain a diverse and inclusive community.

We started The Good Hope Foundation for just that purpose. Good Hope provides down payment grants to local buyers, helping to stabilize their lives and build a strong foundation for the future. Meeting and supporting these folks is an honor and a joy for our team.

As a group of people who also spend all of our free time enjoying the Colorado outdoors, we feel it is also our responsibility to support the environment, both here and across the globe. Becoming a 1% For the Planet member was a no brainer for us because ensuring the next generation can hike, ski, fish, and explore the way we have is a top priority.